As I received news today of the death of a co-worker of many years who I believe was only 58 and a veteran of the Viet Nam war serving with the NSA stopping the flow of drugs to our troops. My mind drifted to a video that really touched my a while back. Zach Arias made a video entitled ”Transform” for Scott Kelby’s blog a few years ago and the phrase “we are not curing cancer with a camera” kept coming back to me as he put into perspective how unimportant what we do as photographers really is in the grand scheme of things. Life is short and in the end it’s not about camera settings and cool locations, it’s much much more than that. I’m reminded of of Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Enough said, sermon over…

My favorite story about him was where he helped an old veteran out who was be harassed by a group of college students in his local bar who were trying to show off for their girlfriends, he then stepped in and let them know it was time for them to leave or there would be trouble. If you ever met this guy you would know between his size and the look in his eye he meant every word that came out of his mouth and would back it up. Long story short, they left and as he also left he turned to this old guy and said “semper fi” knowing he was a Marine. Months later He said this same old guy was sitting in the bar, this time the guy looked full of life and came over to him and said how much he wanted to thank him and that what he told him at their last meeting and that it had changed his life. He could not recall so asked the old guy what it was that made such a difference. The man turned and said “you told me just on word that night as you left, I’ll never forget it and took it to heart, simplify”

Semper Fi (simplify) Brian

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