Is an artist ever really starving?

How many times do I convince myself photography as a vocation is supposed to be hard? I mean, come on, I’m just another starving artist… Wait! Hold on! Put on the brakes! This sounds like self loathing to me, the way of the artist may seem strange to most because most artist barely make enough money to just get by. I starting thinking, yes photography does feed my family but it also feeds my soul. Why so many people find themselves trapped in soul sucking jobs I find myself smack dab in the middle of a soul feeding life, how dare I ever complain…

If you share the same artist soul as me then you live and breath photography, every spare minute is consumed by feeding your craft. Your house is littered with photos and photography books, you spend countless hours watching YouTube videos on the subject, sorry but I have to say it your bathroom is a shrine to books on lighting and you have three external drives full of photos that you just can’t part with.

The thing I love most about teaching photography is the fact that I get so much input from so many different photographers. I love watching photographers develop their own styles and spreading their wings and taking on new challenges. Over the last couple of years I have had the opportunity to work with over 2000 photographers through my workshops, I still get that almost parental feeling of pride when someone returns to a workshop and states that they just booked their first wedding, or just got their first paid family portrait and all went well. To me photography is about figuring out a technique, sharing it with others and then waiting for the “others” to come back and tell me how to take that technique to the next level. Photography is a collaborative lifelong learning adventure. Photography is much like ones faith, it is not meant to be hidden, it is meant to be shared.

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook from a photographer friend Karen, it was a link to a new web show entitled the Framed Show ( and spent the next hour or so getting up to speed by watching their first 6 episodes, it was like getting a lifesaving iv straight into my veins. I encourage you to follow Karen and start following the Framed Show.

For those of you waiting for the next workshop, I had planned on one this weekend but made an executive decision on waiting based on the fact that I need to be at home glued to my computer screen for the next three days watching Bambi Cantrell’s free workshop on lighting and posing put on by “Creative Live”. Bambi is considered on of the top 5 wedding photographers working in the world today and her workshops normally run around $1200. So, free is quite a deal! Sign-up today and clear some time this weekend to get smarter!

Keep shooting, keep getting creative and let’s all learn together,

Mark Behrens

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  1. Great post, Mark! Thanks for sharing!

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