Always have a backup plan!

Of all days! Cue the film crew and sound guys, cue hair and makeup, cue the model, get that guy to bring his exotic car in, talk a few photographer friends into holding light stands in a slight breeze, and turn everything on only to find your Vagabond battery pack has decided to stop working! Nothing against the Vagabond, it has performed flawlessly for the last two years; it’s just one of those things!

Lucky for me I did not become a complete victim to this situation. I have taught in every one of my Lighting Boot Camps to always to have a backup plan; believe it or not I do take my own advice once and a while. After a few panicky minutes I put away the Alien Bees and pulled out the trusty Nikon Speedlights and kept right on shooting.

This is a great reminder to be ready for anything and have a backup plan, if it can go wrong on a shoot it will! Enjoy a few photos from this recent adventure:

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