Northern California Photo Weekend!

Three days of photos!

It’s a photo weekend! 3 days of portraits, landscapes and Photoshop! Attend all weekend or find the workshops that are right for you.

We start on Friday evening of July 22nd with a fun “Trash the dress” session with multiple models.

Other than Friday night the workshop is full!

Building upon our fantastic May landscape workshop in the Napa Valley. Many told me later it was their favorite landscape workshop to date! Join us along with once again photographer Dean Gustafson as we travel across the farthest reaches of Northern California and take in vistas of the majestic Mt. Shasta, Castle Crags, amazing waterfalls and wildlife on Saturday morning of July 23rd.

My job here is very simple; I will put you in the right spots to capture unique vistas of the areas greatest landmarks while Dean guides us technically through this photographic journey. We are trying our best to place you in areas that will require some short hiking but nothing too strenuous so that we can all attend and enjoy the day.

There is no minimum equipment requirement to attend, however a tripod is highly recommended as well as a good pair of hiking shoes. As well as extra clothing/shoes that you may want to get wet, sometimes that great shot demands getting wet!

Spend the rest of Saturday learning Photoshop and preparing photos for print with Photoshop guru Dann Mann. Dann is co-owner along with Dean Gustafson of HDR Printing and Framing, Dean and I would be the first to tell you that Dann has a grasp on editing like no one else and many of you have seen Dann’s editing skills and never knew it, Dann is responsible for editing the photos of a few very well know photographer’s in Northern California as well as my clients never receive a print before Dann has the final once over.

Saturday evening (if you still have any energy left) we will head to a fantastic vista where we will be joined by a few fabulous models for a special shoot only for those who have signed up for the whole weekend!

Sunday morning we will have a model session followed by a glamour retouch, Photoshop tips and tricks and preparing portraits for print class with Dann Mann and guest instructor.

Other than Friday night the workshop is full!

Here is the weekend schedule:

Friday July 22nd: “Trash the Dress”. Time: 7:00 pm location: TBA

Saturday July 23rd: Landscape Photography with Dean Gustafson. Time 5:00 am
Saturday July 23rd: Photoshop and Printing Landscapes at HDR Printing. Time 3:00 pm
Saturday July 23rd: Special portrait shoot for weekend attendees only. Location: super secret 7:00 pm.

Sunday July 24th: Portrait/model workshop “Getting the best from your subject”. Time 9:00 am
Sunday July 24th: Photoshop portrait retouching and strategies at HDR Printing. Time 12:30 pm

Costs are as follows:

Attend all events and Save!

Other than Friday night the workshop is full!

Weekend pass – Single photographer – $150.00
Weekend Pass – Couple rate – $250.00 ($125.00 each)
Weekend Pass – Single Member (members attended 3 past workshops) – $120.00

Landscape Workshop only: Only 15 photographer spots available!

Single photographer – $95.00
Couple rate – $160.00 ($80.00 each)
Single Member (members have attended 3 past workshops with group) – $75.00

Portrait and Photoshop Workshop only:

Single photographer – $80.00
Couple rate – $130.00 ($65.00 each)
Single Member (members have attended 3 past workshops with group) – $60.00

Trash the Dress session Friday night: Multiple models
Single photographer – $30.00
Couple rate – $50.00 ($25.00 each)
Single Member (members have attended 3 past workshops with group, or members of the Shasta Photo Club) – $20.00


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  1. Quynh Ung says:

    Hi, I’m new to the workshop. I want to sign in for “Trash the dress” session. How can I pay for 1 photographer and 1 non-shooter?

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