Lighting Boot Camp!!!

Another great boot camp in the books! We started the day by writing down my boot camp mantra: “F-stop controls the light on our subject, shutter speed controls the ambient light”, we finished the day setting our f-stops to adjust the flash falling on our models and setting our shutter speeds to adjust the ambient light! We stopped fearing our flashes, high ISO and mostly ourselves which provided each of us with great images. Don’t miss our next boot camp, contact us if you would like us to put on a lighting boot camp in your area, next month, Southern Oregon here we come.

A big thank you to all that made the day such a success! I could not have done it without the help of four very talented photographers and our model coordinator Sherri. Helping run our small groups during the workshop was a very extraordinary group, Karen Schmautz, Steve Batz, Boris Borisov and Aaron Herman, these four photographers helped us take what we learned during the lecture and make it real. Lastly, it could not have been done without or fantastic models and all their hard work.

See you next time!

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