Photoshop for the Portrait Photographer

Photoshop for the portrait photographer

Join us Saturday evening, November 19th from 5:30 until 9:00 pm at the Coffee Garden in Sacramento (2904 Franklin Blvd) for a look at Photoshop techniques for the portrait photographer. Photoshop is one of the aspects of photography that is in a state of constant change; the day you think you have a grasp of what’s going on everything changes.

Are you spending too much time in Photoshop? How do you know?

Are your techniques the most efficient way? Is there another way?

How do I know how my edited images stack up against everyone else?

I am excited about this workshop; learn from Dann Mann of HDR Imaging the guru of Photoshop. He will start with RAW adjustments; show his “marquee method” for editing (this is what you have got to see! It is an amazing approach to any photo), basic and “not so basic” skin retouching, he wants to go over “liquefy tool” which he says is one of the most commonly used terribly tool in Photoshop that he sees coming through his shop and will finish off by giving information on final preparation for printing. Remember just because it looks good to you on your screen doesn’t mean it will look good in print.

Photoshop is one of the most misunderstood tools a photographer uses and the day you think you have it all figured out somebody shows you how little we know. The things that I learn from Dann push me to be a better photographer and to really see the bigger picture! Hope you can make it out to this fantastic class!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Photoshop or just getting started I will guarantee this class WILL elevate you editing skills! Dann’s unique “marquee adjustment layer” technique that will transform how you approach editing that you will learn as well as many other tips. Dann as a custom printer has retouched and edited thousands of different photographer’s images and has an amazing ability to see past the image on the screen and can see the finished printed product, the product that we as portrait photographer ultimately get paid for!

We intend on a series of Photoshop meetups in the near future, come on out and get your feet wet. During our last 3 hour class a photographer right in the middle stopped everything with a huge “I get it!” followed by “I would have paid twice as much to learn that one thing!”

Signup today, space is limited.


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