The Portrait Asylum!

Completed – We will be doing this workshop in Sacramento soon!

Stop making yourself crazy, come and commit yourself to the Portrait Asylum!

If you are anything like me you have beat yourself up for way to long, struggling to find your niche, your photographic style, your voice. You have convinced yourself that you are not good enough, ten minutes of browsing portraits on flickr and you’re ready to throw in the towel. I’m here to tell you to hang on, you have what it takes. The fact that these ideas occupy your thoughts tell me how important your photography is to you. I’ve bought and tried every light, gadget and camera I could afford. I’ve read every book I could, watched a thousand hours of You-Tube videos, and devoted my spare time to perfecting Photoshop only to find I know nothing of Photoshop. It wasn’t until I realized that I was not in competition with anyone, photography is art and every artist has a different approach to his craft and what is good and what is bad is totally subjective that my photography really took hold.

Do I think I have it all figured out? Am I changing the world with new photographic ideas? Absolutely not! I do however understand that what I do know is because somebody took the time to teach me and I feel driven to give back. During this workshop I want to help you really know where you are as a photographer, pass on to you the things that were given to me that I feel are important and foundational to great portrait photography.

I’m not opposed in any way to shooting with available light and will show you how to get the best from it as well as the more important use of off camera flash. My desire is not to tell you where to place a light but rather how to use a light, I will teach you the relationship between apertures, shutter speed, ISO, flash to subject distance and flash power. Sounds like a lot to digest? After a short time getting you to understand these components you will be far and away ahead of the game. I will be teaching you how to turn any location into a spot to make a fantastic portrait by learning how to see. We will look at post production techniques in Photoshop as well as looking at what we need to do to create that final printed image. During the day we will have multiple models to work with so that the workshop goes beyond clinical class time to a real “hands on” situation. We will finish the workshop by critiquing you’re images taken during the workshop.

My goal is for you is that you walk away with a new vision of how you can create portraits with impact. By no means am I looking to create photographers that simple mimic how I take photos rather I want you to learn how to incorporate good techniques into your own photographic style so that you will consistently make great portraits.

During the day snacks and drinks will be provided as well as lunch, we will break for dinner, at this time you will be on your own. Be prepared for a long day in order to cover all the materials. Here is a general over view of what to expect:

• Meet and greet, be prepared to share about your photography and what areas you feel need the most improvement.
• Understanding good flash photography.
• Composing a great portrait, directing a subject.
• Live shooting with models.
• Post production/Photoshop
• Portrait critique
• Much more…

What to bring:

• Camera and other personal photo gear such as tripod, speed light, etc.
• If possible bring a laptop computer but not necessary to attend.
• A desire to learn…

We will begin class at 8:00 am, come early and grab a cup of coffee and be ready for a great day!


Mark Behrens

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  1. Emmanuel Chavez says:

    Hi I cant seem to figure out were you are located or where the shoots take place. I live in Sacramento, Ca and would like to receive more information. Thank you.

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