The Lighting Asylum is coming!

So what is the Lighting Asylum? The Lighting Asylum is a year and a half long project ending in one fantastic video! If you want to really understand portrait flash photography then you need to watch the Lighting Asylum…

Portrait photography is a blast, so why is every portrait “how to” video so depressingly boring? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you have been looking for a portrait lighting DVD that is both instructional as well as entertaining the “Lighting Asylum” is for you.

There are so many great lighting DVDs out there that teach you “how to build the house”, the Lighting Asylum’s goal is to teach you “how to lay the right foundation”.

If you are anything like me you have beat yourself up for way to long, struggling to find your niche, your photographic style, your voice. You have convinced yourself that you are not good enough, ten minutes of browsing portraits on flickr and you’re ready to throw in the towel. I’m here to tell you to hang on, you have what it takes. The fact that these ideas occupy your thoughts tell me how important your photography is to you. I’ve bought and tried every light, gadget and camera I could afford. I’ve read every book I could, watched a thousand hours of You-Tube videos, and devoted my spare time to perfecting Photoshop only to find I know nothing of Photoshop. It wasn’t until I realized that I was not in competition with anyone, photography is art and every artist has a different approach to his craft and what is good and what is bad is totally subjective that my photography really took hold.

This is not just another “put your light here” video, the Lighting Asylum is designed to let you know what is going on when you press that shutter button and the flash fires.

    • Learn the 5 components of flash photography and how to master them easily so that you get the results that you want!
    • Start shooting amazing portraits immediately!
    • Don’t just learn, get results!
    • Portrait lighting has never been easier!

Do I think I have it all figured out? Am I changing the world with new photographic ideas? Absolutely not! I do however understand that what I do know is because somebody took the time to teach me and I feel driven to give back. With this video I want to help you really know where you are as a photographer, pass on to you the things that were given to me that I feel are important and foundational to great portrait photography.

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