Kids, Kids, Kids!!!

Kids can be frustrating and a real challenge but also very rewarding. Because they have such short attention spans and are so active here are a few things to keep in mind.
Let kids be kids. Parents must take a break from being parents!!! There is nothing worst than mom saying “do that funny smile thing” they don’t and the whole shoot goes down hill “do it or no ice cream, stop moving, listen to the photographer or you’re in big trouble” You’ll get better pictures by photographing them at play. If you want to make life a little easier, let them play a little first and burn some energy.
Don’t shoot them from your level. Get down on the child’s level; you will get a better view of them.
Be patient. Many times kids hate their pictures taken because it is no fun; everyone is getting mad because they are not doing what somebody wants them to do. Try to keep things moving. You know what short attention spans you have, remember they are just kids!

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  1. admin says:

    When I’m scheduling children’s portrait sessions I always plan for extra time to warm-up to the child before jumping right into snapping pictures.

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