You’ve gotta’ to love the light

Anyone who has ever attended on of my workshops has had the concept of using flash to improve your photos rammed down your throat. I love it when someone has that “come to God” moment when it comes to their flash!!! Here is the deal. We all like to say something like “I just really love natural light, that’s why I don’t use flash”, well I love it too, but it is no excuse to take soft, underexposed subjects, low contrast, poor color photos!!! Unless it is a situation that SCREAMS natural light, turn on your flash…

So here is my flash mantra (by no means is it all you need to know, but it’s a start to some fantastic photos)…

F-stop controls the flash on the subject.

Shutter speed controls the ambient/natural light.

Sounds easy? Right? Trust me, it is…

Put your camera in the manual mode with your flash on, snap a picture and only worry about your subject (the model), if the subject is over exposed then stop down your lens (larger f-stop number) and let in less light. If the subject is over underexposed then just open up your lens (smaller f-stop number). Once you have the subject exposed correctly for your flash then it is time to play with shutter speed to get the background how you want it. A faster shutter speed will make the background darker (as long as you do not change the f-stop your subject will not be affected) and a slower shutter speed will lighten up the background.
Now, don’t just take my word for it, go do it. Come on, do it now!!!

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