Photo Boot Camps

Our “Boot Camps over the last couple of years have become our most popularworkshops! Everything you have always wanted to know about shooting with flash and how to setup your camera for best results. Come learn about Aperture, f-stops, ISO, flash to subject distance, Flash power and much more. This workshop has it all, from the seasoned shooter to the starting out beginner. You will learn the relationship between F-stops and shutter speeds, such as what the difference is between f/2.8 and f/22.

Photographers will learn how light works and how to get consistent results with flash photography. The photographers will leave knowing how to use flash on and off camera, understand light modifiers and how to achieve the best results. Any environment that they might encounter on location they will be able to confidently produce a quality portrait in.

Will have not only class time but models and props available to try these techniques hands-on. Plan on going home with a new grasp on flash photography and a card full of great photos!

We look forward to you joining us at our next Photography “Boot Camp”!

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