Meet Our Team

Look Photographic Workshops are based in Northern California. Look Photographic Workshops have hosted over 70 portrait workshops over the last two years with over 2000 photographers in attendance as well as had the privilege to work with over 500 models. Our workshops have spawned creativity and learning within the photo community and now offers it’s class to you.

Instructor/Organizer – Mark Behrens

“Mark can be surely regarded as one of the most talented and skilled photographers you can find. His landscapes, portraits and general work are sublime. His talent in post-processing is truly remarkable; defining a unique style that pales in comparison to anyone else’s. Mark is a true artist and you will surely enjoy working with him…”

After 8 years of video production, Mark stepped into the still photography business. Mark combines his artistic visions of fast paced video with the static media of film to create photos that tell a story. Mark has a unique ability to make the complicated simple which makes for easy to understand lessons during the workshops as well as understands this is a visual media that requires hands on learning not just clinical class time…

Co-Workshop Organizer and Model Coordinator – Sheri Behrens

Sheri coordinates multiple areas of the workshop, her attention to detail keeps things moving along the day of the workshop and so much more behind the scenes before and after each workshop.

Workshop Host – Cara Lane

“Cara is an international  public speaker, teacher, model and stand-up comedian. Cara’s specialty is working with people, organizing and event planning.”

Model Instructor – Ebony Hunter

Blown Apart Studios – Video Instruction and production

Steven Bailey and Mike Poole – We are filmmakers who love movies. We are inspired by good scores and amped by dynamic sound design. We revel in the presence of fantastic story telling and bask in the soft warm light of the able cinematographer.  We give everything to the project, and take only what we need for the next. We are Blownapart Studios.

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