Look Photographic Workshops (Lookpw.com) conducts hands-on workshops.  The company is based in Northern California and currently conducts workshops in Northern and Central California.  We will be expanding to Southern California in 2012.
Look Photographic Workshops has hosted many portrait workshops during the past four years.  Over 3,000 photographers have attended the workshops, working with more than 500 models.  Our workshops have spawned incredible creativity through practical training at incredible venues.
As with any training, “the proof is in the pudding.”  You can see a number of examples of students applying learned techniques and skill here from one of our recent workshops.
If you would like to significantly improve your photographic skills, share with others who have a similar passion, and be exposed to incredible picture-taking venues with professional models, we extend an invitation to join us.
Here are the details for upcoming workshops.
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